XM21 Parts Kit


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The Bula Defense XM21 Parts Kit contains all parts required to custom build your XM21 barreled receiver. This kit does not include a muzzle device and does not require an FFL for shipment. The kit includes:

Operating Rod

Operating rod guide and pin

Bolt stop, pin and spring

Connector lock and pin

Gas System

  • Gas cylinder
  • Spindle valve, pin and spring
  • Gas lock
  • Gas plug
  • Gas piston

Bolt Parts Kit

  • Hard chrome firing pin
  • extractor, plunger and spring
  • ejector and spring

Trigger Group

  • Trigger housing
  • Trigger, sear and pin
  • Hammer
  • Safety and spring
  • Hammer spring housing
  • Hammer spring plunger
  • Hammer spring
  • Mag latch, pin and spring
  • Trigger guard
  • Hammer and trigger pins

Price: $995

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Weight 8 oz